You can never be to sure what we are talking about. Hell, sometimes we don't even know.


[1:09:20am](@dee_) pint sent me a sexy pic of his tummy
[1:09:35am](@|pint|) my body is sexy
[1:09:37am](@hairbear) what about the poptart pic
[1:09:46am](@|pint|) it was on my other comp
[1:09:50am](@|pint|) i might have it
[1:09:52am](@|pint|) though
[1:09:55am](@dee_) poptart pic?
[1:10:01am](@|pint|) yea
[1:10:06am](@|pint|) my poptart pic
[1:10:12am](@dee_) you took a pic of a poptart?
[1:10:13am](@|pint|) ill look for it
[1:10:16am](@dee_) ok
[1:10:17am](@|pint|) yep
[1:11:05am](@hairbear) you will laugh your ass of
[1:11:14am](@|pint|) i think it might be on this disk
[1:11:21am](@|pint|) not sure though
[1:11:39am](@dee_) cool
[1:12:13am](@|pint|) i found it
[1:12:15am](@|pint|) ready dee
[1:12:33am](@dee_) yup
[1:12:40am](@dee_) I'm always ready
[1:12:46am](@|pint|) dont hate me
[1:12:49am](@|pint|) lol
[1:12:51am](@dee_) ok
[1:13:10am](@hairbear) its funny
[1:13:19am](@dee_) hahaha lmao
[1:13:26am](@dee_) I won't even ask why
[1:13:36am](@dee_) but thats not a toaster darlin
[1:13:47am](@|pint|) i know that now
[1:14:am](@|pint|) the instructions confused me
[1:14:01am](@dee_) bet that was one smelly poptart
[1:14:07am](@dee_) lol
[1:14:09am](@|pint|) my dog ate it
[1:14:14am](@dee_) poor dog
[1:14:28am](@|pint|) nah he eats ass all the time
[1:14:39am](@dee_) ewww
[1:14:56am](@|pint|) hes a good dog
[1:14:57am] [@LudoTheGreat] hahaha
[1:15:12am](@hairbear) lmao

A New What?

Feb. 21 2006

[10:20pm] <Spanky1> hey 5 buy me a new dick
[10:20pm] <Number_5> lol
[10:21pm] * jeana hands spanky a dildo
[10:21pm] <Number_5> the flat panel will be extra
[10:21pm] <jeana> shoot
[10:21pm] <jeana> you have several laying around though
[10:21pm] <Spanky1> what were you doing with that jeana
[10:21pm] <jeana> randy's old one
[10:21pm] <Spanky1> ha haha haha
[10:21pm] <Number_5> yeah i have one you can have
[10:22pm] <Number_5> oh shit
[10:22pm] <Spanky1> lol
[10:22pm] <Spanky1> roflmao
[10:22pm] <Number_5> i walked into that real nice
[10:22pm] <Number_5> fuckers
[10:22pm] <Spanky1> ha ha hah
[10:22pm] <jeana> sorry
[10:22pm] <Number_5> i was talking about monitors
[10:22pm] <Number_5> dammnit
[10:22pm] * Spanky1 high 5's jeana


We Asked Nicely...

Sometimes the fun isn't just in #FunAdultChat. Somedays we take it on tour.

(Rekcuf) fuck
(Merlin840) FUCK!
(Rekcuf) someone has my nick
(Master_5) er
(Master_5) nice
(Rekcuf) damn undernet
(Limp_Trizkit) whats your nick
(Master_5) modnar
(Merlin840) R A W R
(Merlin840) BLARG!
(Merlin840) im bored.
(Master_5) the guys is in #a_friendly_chat
(Merlin840) no.
(Master_5) let's go
(Merlin840) TO DA' BAT MOBILE!!!
(Merlin840) vroooom
(Merlin840) lol
(Limp_Trizkit) of course
(Merlin840) yes sr
(Merlin840) good god, im so bored.
(Merlin840) i hope greg comes down later...
(Master_5) -join #a_friendly_chat 
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Session Start: Tue Apr 25 09::37 2006
Session Ident: #A_FRIENDLY_CHAT
now talking in #A_FRIENDLY_CHAT
topic: Life is like toilet paper..under normal conditions its full of crap..but you wouldnt wanna be without it
set by: PowerTrip Sunday, April 23rd 2006, 13:25:19
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join: (Limp_Trizkit) (~Limp_Triz@
(Master_5) lol
(Limp_Trizkit) so....
(Limp_Trizkit) where's the friendly chat
(Merlin840) whats crackalackin.
(TragedyAnn) hmmm
(TragedyAnn) ran.. these ur friends
(Master_5) modnar is our friends nick
(Master_5) but that's not our friend
(Merlin840) BLARNY STONE!
      join: (fraggle) (
      join: (Fughead) (
      join: (toejam) (deedix2@
      join: (n00bles) (
(Master_5) hmmm
(TragedyAnn) hmm indeed
(Master_5) is there anyway our friend can have his nick back
(TragedyAnn) does he have money?
(Merlin840) oh how gay.
(Merlin840) charging money for an internet nickname.
(Merlin840) lmfao
(Master_5) hehe
(TragedyAnn) you guys want it back...
(Master_5) my friend has been using it for a while now yes
(Merlin840) lyke, omfg yo' l3tz r0b deez gUyZ
(TragedyAnn) i know omfg
(Merlin840) no...
(Merlin840) more like OYFG
(TragedyAnn) OH
(Merlin840) my god will whooop your gods ass
(TragedyAnn) i have no god? so now what
(Merlin840) that means, YOU LOSE!
(@Gravity) hmmm
(TragedyAnn) i lose but u still dont have ur buddys nick back
(TragedyAnn) hmmmmm
(TragedyAnn) hi ran
(Merlin840) i personally dont care, its just a nickname.
(@MODNAR) nicks are not owned on undernet
(Merlin840) im just very very very bored.
(Master_5) this is true that's why i asked
(TragedyAnn) :D
(Master_5) merl shutup
(Merlin840) hahahaha yes mam!
(TragedyAnn) yes merl shut up
(@MODNAR) I suggest that you and your friend exercise a little patience
 Master_5 shakes his head
(Master_5) Me?
(Merlin840) omfg yo, i saw a kickass shirt, it said " Patience... my ass, i wanna KILL SOMETHING! "
(Merlin840) was halarious.
(Limp_Trizkit) this is why i like nickserv
(Limp_Trizkit) as compared to X or Q
(Merlin840) X is gay
(Limp_Trizkit) if X is gay Q is a flaming lesbian
(@Gravity) go back to dalnet if nickserv is what you want
(Limp_Trizkit) why dalnet
(Master_5) can my friend have his nick back?
(Limp_Trizkit) why not one of the 3 networks im admin of
(Master_5) limp
(Limp_Trizkit) ?
(Merlin840) Limp_Trizkit stfu
(@MODNAR) when I am done with it......sure
(Limp_Trizkit) k
(@MODNAR) make an issue of it and I may cop an attitude and keep it indefinately
(TragedyAnn) heh
(Master_5) why is everyone being uncivil to me?
(Limp_Trizkit) lol
(Limp_Trizkit) they arent
(Master_5) I've been completely civil
(Limp_Trizkit) right you have
(Merlin840) indeed
(Master_5) I call being an asshole to me for no reason uncivil
(@MODNAR) I have used this nick for some 10 yrs or so
(Limp_Trizkit) where
(Master_5) on undernet?
(@MODNAR) granted it is backwards from what most peoiple know me as...
(Limp_Trizkit) RANDOM
(Merlin840) omfg!
(Merlin840) oh snap!
(@MODNAR) I've been all over the internet
(Master_5) well random our friend had been using MODNAR for a while too
(@MODNAR) as I said...when I am done with it he is free to use it
(@MODNAR) is he using mirc?
(Limp_Trizkit) ...
(Merlin840) does it matter.
(Limp_Trizkit) you can CTCP/VERSION that yourself...and why does that make a difference
(Merlin840) if hes using x-chat, bitchx, irssi, mIRC
      quit: (MODNAR) ( (EOF from client)
(Limp_Trizkit) hahaha
(Merlin840) rawr
      nick: (Master_5) is now known as (modnar)
(modnar) :)
(Limp_Trizkit) i CTCP/Version him and he's gone
      part: (modnar) (~five@
(Limp_Trizkit) groupies...out
(Merlin840) :)
Session Close: Tue Apr 25 09:15:28 2006


That's Your Dad?

July 10 2006

(10:59p) <LudoLappy_> 4 more fucking days
(10:59p) <LudoLappy_> then i get my dick sucked
(10:59p) <Hitokiri> heh
(10:59p) <LudoLappy_> lol
(10:59p) <nipuLez> you mean your dad stopped doing it?
(10:59p) <LudoLappy_> no i mean by a chick
(10:59p) <nipuLez> ah so your dad's still doing it
(10:59p) <LudoLappy_> my dad still does it
(10:59p) <nipuLez> cool.
(10:59p) <LudoLappy_> but hes not that good
(10:59p) <LudoLappy_> hes got super sharp teeth