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Deadline, what deadline?


Number_5 says you guys make this stuff up. -- SHEEPGUY in MONTANA

If that is true, then both you and Number_5 are figments of our imagination. Come to think of it that would explain much.

Last week there seemed to be fewer Q&A's than usual. What's up?  -- MATHNERD in CHICAGO

We think it's because of the sheer lack of interesting quality questions like yours.

The date on last weeks Q&A is 4-14-2002 but it was actually posted on 4-19-2002. Are we being cheated?

Yes, but only because we refused to post a 'less-than-average' Q&A that week by filling it with petty whining about the quality, quantity, timing and reality of this column. Besides, we needed to save them for this weeks issue which we had already planned to fill with questions like yours.

Do you really put the emails that you receive on the page?

Yes Ed. Now will you leave us alone?

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